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Urban Reivers Wants Your Feedback

We’ve been working away on the first Urban Reivers products getting ready to launch after the summer, with collaborations taking us from perfume workshops in London to tastings at distilleries around Scotland. We’re getting excited about hitting the market but there is one thing left to do and that is to ask you all what you think.AllReiverWelcome

So we’re holding a tasting day in Edinburgh. If you fancy dropping in let us know and we’ll send you an invitation. Come help us get it right and we’ll give you free samples, nibbles and make you taste cocktails. It’s going to be awful, tell your friends. RSVP –

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Calling All Reivers, We Need Your Help | Urban Reivers Blog

Mmmmm, What Could That Smell Be? | Urban Reivers Blog

What is that smell? That smell is us.

Part of running any business is knowing where your limits lie. At Urban Reivers HQ we have a strong team with different skills working at the mews in EUrban Reivers Blog - Perfume Listdinburgh as well as coming in from outside. One of our founding ranges is called REEK. and it’s all about fragrance. We’ve loved working with perfumer, Sarah McCartney, both here in Scotland and at her 4160Tuesdays atelier in London.

Some members of our team have turned out to be talented at spotting a scent and others just know what they like which is also important….

IMG_1521Being inspired by history, we want to capture the spirit of some of our heroes and heroines and Sarah has been legendary in digging out authentic oils to make our first eau de parfum which will contain pettigrain and hazelnut as well as more modern scents – a breath of fresh air. But a perfume isn’t all about the smell, we’ve had to choose bottles and labels and packaging and for that we’ve called on the help of Scottish graphic designer and artist, Stewart Bremner. Right now, he’s creating us an image for the UR REEK. label that we hope will catch the eye. We can’t wait to unveil it.

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Mmmmm, What Could That Smell Be? | Urban Reivers Blog

Fine and Fierce Historical Women | Urban Reivers Blog

The Jacobite Ladies, So Fine, So Fierce

During coffee breaks at Urban Reivers HQ in Edinburgh we have been following Women’s IMG_0322History Month. So much female history is lost over time and here we get militant about honouring our heroines, whether that’s in the media, in books or by representing women on currency, street names or in public art. Our favourites are the Jacobite women – the women who took part in the 1715 and 1745 uprisings. Their stories are choc-a-bloc with derring do. Lady Nithsdale broke her husband out of the Tower of London in 1716 (yes, you read that right). Lady Ann McIntosh was one of Bonnie Prince Charlie’s top recruiters and rode around the countryside with a pistol in one hand and a purse full of gold in the other. She drummed up 600 men to fight in support of the cause.
IMG_0323There was even one women who hid her fiance under her skirts when the Redcoats arrived to arrest him – she blithely sat embroidering by the fire while the soldiers searched (almost) everywhere. This was particularly daring in 1745 because ladies didn’t wear underpants! At the base of this rebellious spirit was the fact that Scottish women had more legal rights than most of their European sisters. Women could own property and keep their maiden name. It wasn’t equality as we think of it today, but it gave these women confidence to express their views and stand up for what they believed in.

We are always inspired at Urban Reivers HQ with stories about the brilliant and brave historical women of Scotland! 

Fine and Fierce Historical Women | Urban Reivers Blog

Yes, It Is A Very Odd Name | Urban Reivers Blog

Urban Reivers Is A Very Odd Name

Few people outside Scotland (and actually, not all that many inside Scotland) know about the Border Reivers. They were loosely formed bands of raiders that inhabited the Borderlands of Scotland and England between the 14th and 17th centuries. The Reivers were violent, wicked men (mostly men) but folk legends have grown up around them. The Scottish Borders had it rough during this period – Scotland and England were often at war and it was difficult to farm because of troop movements and incessant battles, so the locals raided cattle where they could. There was no Scottish/English bias in this – they’d just team up at will, hop on a horse and steal livestock. And so the name was born, the modern Scottish raiders were to be Urban Reivers.

print of reivers crossing a river
The Border Reivers at Gilnockie Tower, from a 19th-century print

Scotland is both urban and rural and we liked the juxtaposition of the words Urban and Reivers. Since then we’ve realised how little the reivers are known and that’s provided another reason for taking their name. After all, Urban Reivers, as a project is about connecting with Scottish history – the real deal – so if the name makes people ask a question or two, it’s no bad thing. However we have had some interesting requests about Scottish weaving and inner city book clubs…


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Yes, It Is A Very Odd Name | Urban Reivers Blog

We’re Not Quite Up Yet | Urban Reivers Blog

The Start of Our Story

My name is Sara Sheridan. Mostly I’m an historical novelist but this year I’ve taken on a new project. This project. Urban Reivers. From an old mews building behind my flat in Edinburgh, I’ve posed this question: What would Scotland make if there weren’t any tourists? We have a fantastic and rich cultural heritage, yet we turn out tartan purses and oh-so tweed jackets. Or we create internationally acclaimed fashion and jewellery, but it isn’t redolent of place – it’s simply international. What would happen, I wondered, if we made artefacts that were steeped in our real history.

Over the last months we’ve teamed up with experts to Urban Reiversmix perfume inspired by the doyennes of the Jacobite uprisings, created silk scarves based on WW2 escape maps and made scented candles that smell of the real Scotland (not lavender, though lavender is very nice!) but peaty like Islay whisky and fruity like the Sloe Gin, like my mother used to have stacked in her pantry when I was growing up. In September 2016 the Urban Reivers site will go live and everything in our ranges will be available.

We’re not up yet. But, for now, this blog is the story of how it happened.

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