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Popping Up Before We’re Even Up…

It’s been a long and arduous journey to get our products ready for the market. Endless cocktail tasting, sifting through vintage maps and smelling scents under the watchful eye of experts, friends and fellow Reivers. Wait, did we day long and arduous? We mean an outrageous amount of fun.

Urban Reivers has the opportunity to pop up on George Street for the Edinburgh Festival Fringe during August and we just couldn’t say no. We were planning to launch after all, and might as well do it in style. So we rounded up some of our favourite Scottish labels from indie jewellery makers to local food/drink producers and beauty brands to join in.

BGC_3528-Edit Opening on the 2nd of August until the 29th, 10am – 10pm the shop will be busy with free tastings, testings and demos by our makers and producers from across Scotland. And everything will be for sale. So get down to George Street to visit us over August, we will ply you with cocktail samples, make you smell great and send you on your merry way onwards and upwards to the festivities of the Edinburgh Fringe.

Photo: Bethany Grace
Products in photo: Sara Hill Make Up, 4160 Tuesdays Perfume, Bonnie Bling & Urban Reivers REEK.

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Popping Up For The Edinburgh Festival Fringe | Urban Reivers Blog

Finding Your Way, Mind How You Go | Urban Reivers Blog

You never need to be lost in Scotland again

At Urban Reivers HQ we are fascinated by maps. Maps are, after all, the way we interact with the world – where would we be without them? LOST is the answer. Hence our inspiration for Find Your Way Home, our line of map silk accessories. We were first inspired by the stories of WW2 escape maps, printed on parachute silk and smuggled behind enemy lines. They were the most prolific piece of escape and evasion kit during the war.

We decided to remake those maps using Scotland and heUrban Reivers Find Your Way Home mapsaded for the map library  at the National Library to find the perfect vintage map. There is no end to the colourful array of hand drawn and painted originals. Our favourite was Bartholomew, a map designer from Edinburgh during the early 20th century.

We’ve printed our maps on 100% Habotai silk – the closest to the parachute silk used in the original that we could find. We’ve even thrown in a compass. So, Aberdeen to Wigtown. John o’ Groats to Moffat, whether you live here already, your family have Scottish roots or you just love it up here, wherever you come from – you need one of these. Don’t get lost in Scotland.

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Finding Your Way, Mind How You Go | Urban Reivers Blog