Lights, Camera, Action and Goosberries | Urban Reivers Blog

A Weekend Of Photo Shoots and Prop Hunting

It’s been more  busy than usual this weekend at Urban Reivers HQ. We’ve been getting our products ready for months but this weekend we pulled everything together for a shoot with talented photographers Bethany Grace and Ryan Laing. Our team worked into the night, sourcing last minute ingredients and scouring Edinburgh for gooseberries and what not. Jenn our seamstress was up so late it was hardly worth her going to bed again before driving our silks through from her studio in Glasgow. IMG_2954

A huge thanks to Vixy from Stewart Christie for the legendary tweed jackets to set off our silk bow tie and pocket squares and to Goodwin’s Antiques for Jacobean-style jewellery to grace our very own Damn Rebel Bitch.

Seeing all our products through the lens after much  tweaking, setting and resetting by the professionals was magical. From Damn Rebel Bitches. sitting on a set scattered with blood oranges, malt and pink peppercorns. To finally seeing our Find Your Way Home range on models – it’s as if our big ideas suddenly sprang into life!  Now it’s time to to pick out favourites and get them up on the website. Oh and make the site. We’d better get on that, busy busy!

To see more behind the scenes from our product shoot and look book have a look on our feed on twitter, instagram and facebook!

Lights, Camera, Action and Goosberries | Urban Reivers Blog

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