Scottish Potatoes and Boozy Cows | Urban Reivers Blog

Dropping By Distilleries

Here at Urban Reivers we recently decided that a good stretch of the legs was needed. For a few days we swapped Edinburgh’s busy streets and scent of brewing for the rolling hills of the countryside and the scent of distilling. Having spent a lot of time emailing and calling the team of our favourite Vodka suppliers, Ogilvy Vodka, a good old fashioned face-to-face visit was on the cards.

Urban Reivers Ogilvy Vodka

With a map in hand we ventured north beyond Desperate Dan’s home in Dundee in search of the 1 year old Ogivly distillery. After spending 20 minutes travelling in the wrong direction in a taxi from Forfar, we finally found ourselves at a quaint little farmhouse near Glamis castle. We were greeted by a group of unimpressed looking cows alongside a much friendlier looking Graeme Jarron, one of the founders of the business. He talked us through the laborious and completely original process they created in order to produce their highly sought-after (and delicious) Scottish potato vodka and explaining ‘Cow Booze’ to us.

From field to bottle, the potatoes go through a number of stages involving boiling, mincing and fermenting until they are eventually sealed into the stylish Ogivly bottle. Which was in fact designed by co-founder of the company, Caroline Jarron who, as well managing the business’ marketing, is a successful interior designer. Before it reaches the shelf, the bottle is sent to Poland and Italy to give it a frosted effect and the foil lettered ‘Ogilvy’. We know you shouldn’t judge a vodka by it’s bottle but let’s face it, a good-looking bottle helps! We sipped, we savoured, we LOVED it. How delicious.

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Scottish Potatoes and Boozy Cows | Urban Reivers Blog

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