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When is a box more than a box? When it is EVERYTHING.

At Urban Reivers we have been working hard, tasting and testing the first range of products on fellow Reivers far and wide. But there has been another passion looming in the background. Our ever growing love for packaging. Or should we say love for the idea of packaging because it turns out that sourcing and buying the perfect packaging is not easy. After our testing day at Urban Reivers HQ last Friday there was a lot of feedback about our first attempts. Our love of die cut boxes and craft paper were not up to the standards of our Damn Picky Bitches, with high demand for coloured linen boxes and waterproof swally boxes. So we thought we’d try it out and it turns out, they were right.


Packaging is a difficult mistress. How could something so simple, like sourcing 1000 perfect navy boxes in three sizes and with a couple of handles thrown in be so tricky you might ask? We don’t know either.

But with the help from our fabulous intern Heidi (the lady for logistics), a few long nights searching on google and some braw advice we’re almost there. World, get ready for our beautiful navy boxes coming soon. Just a box, pffffft.

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Searching For The Perfect Packaging | Urban Reivers Blog

Calling All Reivers, We Need Your Help | Urban Reivers Blog

Urban Reivers Wants Your Feedback

We’ve been working away on the first Urban Reivers products getting ready to launch after the summer, with collaborations taking us from perfume workshops in London to tastings at distilleries around Scotland. We’re getting excited about hitting the market but there is one thing left to do and that is to ask you all what you think.AllReiverWelcome

So we’re holding a tasting day in Edinburgh. If you fancy dropping in let us know and we’ll send you an invitation. Come help us get it right and we’ll give you free samples, nibbles and make you taste cocktails. It’s going to be awful, tell your friends. RSVP –

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Calling All Reivers, We Need Your Help | Urban Reivers Blog