Mmmmm, What Could That Smell Be? | Urban Reivers Blog

What is that smell? That smell is us.

Part of running any business is knowing where your limits lie. At Urban Reivers HQ we have a strong team with different skills working at the mews in EUrban Reivers Blog - Perfume Listdinburgh as well as coming in from outside. One of our founding ranges is called REEK. and it’s all about fragrance. We’ve loved working with perfumer, Sarah McCartney, both here in Scotland and at her 4160Tuesdays atelier in London.

Some members of our team have turned out to be talented at spotting a scent and others just know what they like which is also important….

IMG_1521Being inspired by history, we want to capture the spirit of some of our heroes and heroines and Sarah has been legendary in digging out authentic oils to make our first eau de parfum which will contain pettigrain and hazelnut as well as more modern scents – a breath of fresh air. But a perfume isn’t all about the smell, we’ve had to choose bottles and labels and packaging and for that we’ve called on the help of Scottish graphic designer and artist, Stewart Bremner. Right now, he’s creating us an image for the UR REEK. label that we hope will catch the eye. We can’t wait to unveil it.

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Mmmmm, What Could That Smell Be? | Urban Reivers Blog