We’re Not Quite Up Yet | Urban Reivers Blog

The Start of Our Story

My name is Sara Sheridan. Mostly I’m an historical novelist but this year I’ve taken on a new project. This project. Urban Reivers. From an old mews building behind my flat in Edinburgh, I’ve posed this question: What would Scotland make if there weren’t any tourists? We have a fantastic and rich cultural heritage, yet we turn out tartan purses and oh-so tweed jackets. Or we create internationally acclaimed fashion and jewellery, but it isn’t redolent of place – it’s simply international. What would happen, I wondered, if we made artefacts that were steeped in our real history.

Over the last months we’ve teamed up with experts to Urban Reiversmix perfume inspired by the doyennes of the Jacobite uprisings, created silk scarves based on WW2 escape maps and made scented candles that smell of the real Scotland (not lavender, though lavender is very nice!) but peaty like Islay whisky and fruity like the Sloe Gin, like my mother used to have stacked in her pantry when I was growing up. In September 2016 the Urban Reivers site will go live and everything in our ranges will be available.

We’re not up yet. But, for now, this blog is the story of how it happened.

Follow us on for more news about our fabulous ranges and updates from Urban Reivers HQ on our twitter, instagram, facebook and pinterest


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